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Our Interior Design and Travel Guide will soon be available in a new look! New features and commercial free for a annual fee of € 25.00 Travel tips all over the globe with focus on great design in Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Shops (with link to website, etc.) Design and product tips, trends, news, seasonal decoration etc. List of our favourites, Editors pick World Map overview Personally visited Hotels/Restaurants/Bars/Shops with plus/contras and what rooms to book and other useful tips Our personal notes to the Hotels/Restaurants/Bars/Shop that we visited Travel diary, how to get there and about Summary/highlights of the most common travel magazines (Food & Travel, Travel & Leisure, Conde Nast Traveller, Nat. Geo traveller etc.) so you don’t need to buy those magazines and you safe Newly opened Hotels/Restaurant /Bars (Our pick of the best) Award winning Hotels/Restaurant /Bars (Our pick of the best) You determine how often you wish to receive post from us and to what topics and countries Commercial free

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