Mühlbauer Hats A-Vienna

What a beautiful hat shop! It's absolutely fantastic that there are still hat makers that produce their hats in their own factory. In 1903 Julianna Mühlbauer opened a small millinery with shop attached in the Viennese suburb of Floridsdorf. Now, over 100 years later family business is in its fourth generation with Klaus Mühlbauer at the helm. In collaboration with designers Nora Berger and Madeleine Bujatti, he designs hat collections supported by a distinguished hat maker and millinery team in the Viennese factory. The most dedicated artisans and the best materials sourced worldwide come together to produce an exceptional quality. This didn’t remain secret for long: over 60% of the hats produced in our Viennese workshop depart for international destinations. Renowned stores around the globe as well as famous personalities such as Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, Madonna and Yoko Ono have become Mühlbauer customers. more...

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